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I-Search paper.

Seven pages.

One night.

DONE. <3 -does happy dance-

Ooh, I got my hair cut too~

Sorry, just felt like celebrating. ^__^;; It's like 3 AM now, I have to sleep.

But fffff I really need to keep better track of due dates. T__T
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Writer's Block: What is your life sentence?

How would you describe your life so far in a six-word sentence? How often would your 'life sentence' change?

I am still slowly waking up.

That probably would have been different three years ago, but I'm realizing that maybe the world isn't as shiny and magical of a place as I thought it was when I was younger.

But I guess there's beauty in that, too. What's the value in anything if you don't have to work for it? Sure, if there wasn't any conflict there wouldn't be any losers. But there wouldn't be any winners, either.
brittania angel! =D

Meme time~


Also, did anyone else read Rainbow Fish when they were little?

rainbow fish :) <3 Pictures, Images and Photos

Apparently it's about communism. Or socialism. I forget. I know communism is a system of government and socialism is an economic system but fffff you get my point, right? It was kind of surprising, to say the least.

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brittania angel! =D


And FAWM is GO. <3

Also, I have a Formspring! Ask me anything.

Okay, I reeeeally need to do my homework now.
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brittania angel! =D

Pro-Life March~

-waves- Hi again, everyone! Sorry I haven't been around lately. T__T

Actually, I've been up in Washington, D.C. for the Pro-Life March since Wednesday night. Ohhh my gosh. <3 It was so much fun. We took these cool charter buses (they were really comfy, which was good because it was a 14-hour drive) and stayed in this neat hotel in Virginia. I think it was a Hilton, it was really nice and they had tea and everything. And coolio glass elevators. ^__^

So we got there on Thursday afternoon, went to Mass for the fiftieth time, and sang praise and worship songs for the rest of the day. Which honestly wasn't that great. I really wasn't expecting Jesus Camp when I signed up. x__x Then the actual march was on Friday, and OH MY GOSH. <333 I swear I have never seen that many people in one place in my life. It was insane, there was a guy playing the bagpipes, and it was really cool seeing all these people from all over the country gathering to fight for a cause they really believed in. It gave me hope. <3 I took some pictures, but because my camera's being stupid and doesn't want to connect to my laptop right now, I guess I'll put them up later. -__-

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Unfortunately, any calories I might've burned from all that walking were probably offset by the fact that we ate out at this food court thing, like, for every single meal. The closest thing I could find to actual fruit or vegetables was that Fruit 'N Yogurt Parfait at McDonalds. I felt so gross by the time I got home. T__T And my feet hurt. But all in all, I had a great time. ^__^

Oh, and I ganked these memes from oresame. (Sorry! T__T) I guess I'm interested in seeing what people say. ^__^



It's nice to be back! I missed you guys! -hugs- I hope I didn't asplode your f-lists. T__T
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WOOOOOOO just failed the driving test. x___x Haha, they didn't even bother making me do the parallel parking part. XD



*ahem* Ugh, I wish I could just get it over with already, I hate driving. I don't even have a car. (The stop sign thing didn't actually happen, btw. I'm not THAT bad of a driver. XD;;)

Also, wow, I can't believe tomorrow's the last day of the ENTIRE DECADE. 0.o What are they gonna call it, anyway? The Zeroes? That doesn't really go with the whole "Sixties, Seventies, Eighties" pattern, though. I keep thinking about how kids twenty years for now are gonna be 00s kids for Halloween and stuff, y'know, how kids now dress up as 80s kids, and it weirds me out. I wonder what they'll think we were like? They'll probably make fun of the whole "leggings as pants" thing. Especially the metallic ones. Ew. I hate that. Can we PLEASE have some classier trends? x__x

Oh! Also! I have UTAU now! It's a little hard to get used to, but if you download the English patch, at least you can read the menus and all. It's a lot of fun to use. ^__^ You can even record your own voice and use it to make a voicebank, like I did here...

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Sorry for the blatant self-promotion and stuff... x///x
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brittania angel! =D

Bunnies~ ^__^

So our choir party is tomorrow, and we're doing a Secret Santa gift exchange. I've been wanting to make some amigurumi for a while, so I decided to make this little guy. ^__^

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Um. I think I used the wrong size hook, because he turned out REALLY big, like, 11'' tall. And I almost ran out of white yarn. XD;; But I think he turned out pretty cute (in a weird kind of way) and now my little sister wants me to make her one for Christmas. XD;; I just hope my Secret Santa doesn't think it's weird or stupid or anything. I'm giving her some chocolate, too, of course, but still...

And AAAAAH I'm going to see Jesus Christ Superstar tomorrow with some YSP people, I'm so excited~
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Christmas break! <3

Well, exams are finally over, and Christmas break officially starts tomorrow! ^__^ I think most of them went pretty well, but I'm still kinda scared to look, my grades haven't been the best this year. XD;; Wow, I can't believe I'm actually going to have time to do stuff. That'll be nice. I still need to make Christmas presents, but I've got to buy more colors of yarn first, so I made little candy bags in the meantime.

In other news, GRAAAAAH I hate these stupid laptops so much. T__T Basically, I've had to restart my computer every ten minutes or so just to get the internet to work. It connects like normal at first, but after a while it just goes kablooey and the wireless adapter disables itself for some weird reason. I know it's not our router (my dad's laptop works just fine) so I took it to the school computer fixer tech people, and of course their first response to any problem is DELETE EVERYTHING (luckily I backed up all my music first, but now I can't get Chrome to work for some reason and it's hard getting used to Firefox again) which didn't help at all. Some of my friends are having the same problem with their laptops, too, so hopefully it's like the mouse-freezing thing freshman year and it'll just go away over time. I'm seriously considering getting a netbook or something. x___x

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